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yoga. wine. repeat.

Always Seeking


I have spent my life exploring new places, new foods, new wines, new experiences. Thanks to a career as a KC-135 pilot in the US Air Force, I was able to fly around the world, exploring the cultures of places like Chile, Japan, Spain, France, Bolivia, and Greece. 

Seeking Balance

Overcoming physical challenges

In 2003, I had to undergo spinal surgery to stabilize my spine and relieve constant pain. I still suffer from pain in my back, but thanks to my yoga practice, I have been able to strengthen my spine and core, minimizing much of the pain I suffer from related to my spine.

Sharing my knowledge

After realizing how yoga transformed my day to day life, I wanted to share  the techniques and lifestyle choices to help others. Combined with my background in wine, I was excited to bring the concept of yoga and wine together.

The WIne Yogi

By combining two aspects of my life that I am passionate about, The Wine Yogi was born.